Forum for Research on Grasslands and Pastoralism (FRGP)

The Forum for Research on Grasslands and Pastoralism (FRGP) is a consortium representing ATREE, NCBS, SNU and IRD. This consortium is interested in furthering research in grassland and pastoral studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Its aim is to enable the formation of a coherent body of work to inform better public policies, strengthen pastoralist systems and improve grassland management. This collaborative platform will host research fellowships, field stations and a repository of material on pastoralism and grasslands. In the long run, this platform aims to shape the quality and content of academic engagement with pastoralism and grassland in South Asia.
Herders in the Banni grasslands © Nipun Prabhakar
We currently offer a well-funded fellowship programme targeting Masters and PhD students and established faculty. This fellowship programme will be managed through a collaborative platform with multiple partnering academic institutions. The expectation is that such support will lead to between 20 and 40 masters and PhD theses over the next few years, resulting in two things (i) a body of new work on Indian pastoralism; and (ii) a community of scholars who will, hopefully, go on to foster and nurture additional work on pastoralism. 
We are hoping to build and support a network of field stations: This component of our work stems from the fact that meeting basic logistical and safety needs can be challenging in the remote locations used by pastoralists, and may well be one of the reasons so little research has been done on them in India. We hope to build/support three field stations -- one each in Kachchh, the Kumaon high Himalaya, and one in the Deccan -- as a key means of facilitating research on pastoralism. We expect these field stations to provide basic care of all logistical needs for the students -- food, accommodation, field researchers and transport. They will also provide a safe physical environment within which researchers can conduct fieldwork. The opportunity is also open to people who work across India and not limited to the three research station locations mentioned above.

We are working to build a repository on pastoral resources: Getting access to materials can in itself be a challenge for young researchers. We have embarked on a long term process of collecting materials on pastoralism and grassland studies to build a comprehensive database of these resources. We are exploring the possibility of working with the Indian Pastoral Network (IPN) for collating this material and making it available to a larger set of individuals (including researchers) with an interest in pastoralism. 

Call for Fellowship Applications 2021


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