About Us

The Centre for Pastoralism (CfP) works across India on collaborative programs to enhance pastoralist livelihood security, gain mainstream recognition of livestock breeds developed by pastoralists, explore ways of securing their access to grazing resources, promote research to enhance understanding of pastoral systems and undertake outreach to educate society on pastoralism and its many contributions. In advancing these goals, CfP works in close partnership with civil society, academia, government agencies and the private sector.

CfP is a Sahjeevan initiative that emerged from Sahjeevan’s 2016 Living Lightly: Journeys with Pastoralists Exhibition Sahjeevan’s work on pastoralism in Kachchh, Gujarat over the past two decades has enjoyed a number of successes, and CfP was set up with the idea of expanding this work outside of Gujarat, in the rest of India.
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