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Marketing Professional for Pastoral Dairy

Sahjeevan-CfP is seeking a dynamic and enterprising professional to lead the entrepreneurial development efforts in the pastoral dairy sector, specifically focusing on value-added milk products. The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, steering the process of enterprise management amongst pastoralists, and collaborating with other market players to market premium pastoral dairy products.

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Project Coordinator

This project proposes to address the degradation of high-altitude rangelands, and associated biodiversity and livelihood impacts, by facilitating a community-led vision and rangelands co-management model in the Indian Trans-Himalayas. Pastoralist communities and key stakeholders will be convened through ‘Rangelands Councils’ for effective rangelands co-management.

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Graphic Designer

The person will work with the communications team to develop and design visual content for CfP’s social media, websites, publications, and other related outreach. The role is a full-time position for a period of one year (extendable) and is based out of CfP’s Delhi office.

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Living Lightly Coordinator

CfP is looking to hire an anchor to lead the Living lightly team at Centre for Pastoralism This involves assisting the current team with the Living Lightly Bangalore exhibition, end 2024, and to conceptualise, plan and execute a series of exhibitions on pastoralism across the Western Himalayas.

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Junior Coordinator, Desi Oon Initiative

Centre for Pastoralism (CfP) is looking for a Junior Coordinator for the Desi Oon Initiative. CfP’s programme on Desi Oon is structured around the use of indigenous wool in textiles, and more experimental work in using wool in building insulation and packaging solutions. The Desi Oon Initiative looks to collaborate with organisations across India in an attempt to revive the indigenous wool economy. Our work is focused largely in the Himalayas, the semi-arid West and the Deccan Plateau.

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State Coordinator- Resource Rights Program, Telangana

CfP is currently working with pastoral communities across five states and with government agencies to facilitate the filing of claims to traditionally grazed lands and community forest resources through the Forest Rights Act (2006). The primary focus of the resource rights program is to raise awareness amongst the communities about their rights and entitlements, facilitate CFR claims and build the capacity of youth within the community to drive the process and also engage in continuous engagement for smooth implementation of CFR amongst the government functionaries.

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The primary focus of this project is to understand and visualise the scale and spread of pastoralism and the routes they take for their migration across the country. The pilot of this project was conducted in Himachal Pradesh. Currently we have data from HP, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Ladakh. The collected data will be overlaid on various derived datasets from satellite imagery like terrain, vegetation, drainage patterns, climatic conditions etc. and other secondary data to understand the relation of pastoral activities with natural and human induced occurrences.

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Postdoc Fellow (Social Science)

The 2-year study on grasslands and pastoralism in Mountain and Semi-arid Landscapes hopes to investigate the drivers and scale of sedentarisation among pastoralists, examine the effects of tree planting on carbon stocks and socio-economic impacts in rangelands, understand pastoralists' decision-making processes and perceptions of environmental changes, and assess the effects of grazers on rangeland dynamics. The project will involve field surveys, interviews with pastoralists, ecological assessments and data analysis to provide valuable insights for policy interventions and contribute towards knowledge on pastoral systems and ecologies.

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A group of researchers from India and Bhutan at Jaipur methods workshop © Sundeep Bali
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