Desi Oon ~ Hamara Apna Online Exhibition organised by Living Lightly

December 10, 2020
  —  December 25, 2020
Living Lightly ~ Journeys with Pastoralists is a travelling exhibition on the land, lives and livelihoods of Indian pastoralists. An edition of the exhibition, which celebrates pastoralism in the Deccan, was scheduled to open in the southern city of Bangalore in October 2020, but due to Covid 19, changes were made to this schedule.

Meanwhile, the pastures of Living Lightly (LL) are slowly emerging as a savannah for diverse online ideas, movements, and thematic events. The indigenous wool story of India is one such compelling story that has been an integral part of the exhibition. And so, in 2020 the Centre for Pastoralism held a Living Lightly online exhibition and sale in the month of December, showcasing the fleece to fibre narrative of local wool from the pastoralists of India.

This online exhibition was an opportunity to connect pastoralists and artisans - who are increasingly recognizing the need to restore their wool economy - with designers and some of India’s best craft organizations, all of whom are trying to breathe new life into an entire value chain of indigenous wool across India; From Avani, Peoli, Aana Jaana, Kulvi WHIMS in the Western Himalayas, to Mitan and Earthen Tunes in the vast and varied Deccan plateau, and Rangsutra and Khamir in the arid terrains of western India.

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