National Conference on Pastoral FRA

July 5, 2022
  —  July 6, 2022
In March of last year, CfP initiated a programme to facilitate pastoralist access to forests for grazing and seasonal resource access as per the provisions of the Forest Rights Act. A year has passed since we started working with organisations in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. We have also recently initiated partnerships in Telangana and Maharashtra. The work in these diverse landscapes has thrown a range of challenges and experiences. The exchange of such experience among organisations that work with pastoralists will be important to develop a shared understanding of forest access and rights issues. The learning and insights that emerge from these conversations can also be used in advocacy with government agencies and policymakers. With an aim to facilitate such an exchange, we are hosting a national consultation on access of grazing rights under the FRA in Delhi on the 5th and 6th of July. We are proposing that the first day of the consultation will focus on exchange of experiences and ideas between organisations that are working on the FRA and with pastoral communities from different states. The second day could then focus on advocacy and exchange of important issues on pastoral FRA with key state officials from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Animal Husbandry.
India International Centre (IIC), 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi – 110003
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